What Usain Bolt ate to be able to run so fast

The story is that, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Usain Bolt ate a total of 1,000 pieces of fried chicken nuggets. Every day, he ate up to 5 boxes of 20 pieces each, plus chips and apple pie. Bolt loves American fried chicken without even touching traditional Chinese food.

Looking at the way Bolt ate, any nutritionist would have to shake his head. It is clearly a severe malnutrition and unhealthy regime. But look back at what Bolt did at the Olympics eight years ago: three Olympic gold medals and three new world records. Such an admirable achievement.

According to Farrell, it turned out that fried chicken in Bolt’s case was not necessarily a bad thing. “As a track and field athlete, you will need lots of protein. Chicken is an excellent source of this nutrient. However, anything that is fried too is not the ideal way to provide protein for the body. Up to 100 pieces of fried chicken nuggets a day will come with too much unhealthy fat and less protein than regular lean chicken”, Farrell said.


That is probably the advice Usain Bolt received after the 2008 Olympics, because the diet of the champion running 100m and 200m, during 3 consecutive Olympics, now, looks very different. Turns out, Bolt himself had to give up his eating habit. Every other athlete yearns for admirable achievements like him, but no one studies Bolt on such a diet.

Several times Bolt had to admit that he had to fight his habit of being addicted to fried chicken nuggets, besides another favorite dish is chicken wings.


Jamaican athletes had to learn to eat healthier. This is because on the sprint, any amount of weight, which does not directly contribute to the athlete’s speed, is counted as excess weight. Chicken fried nuggets will not help Bolt maintain an ideal weight and nutritional needs in each training day.

In fact, he needed to eat the food that met the requirements of intense training and recovery afterwards. One thing for sure is that the amount of nutrition is sufficient but must be packed in the diet not too large, ensuring everything must be digested before Bolt enters the run.


This alien athlete has an amazing biological advantage. It is a lever system of the lower legs, muscular contraction and rare natural strength. However, it must be said that all this would be useless if Bolt lost control of his body. Chances are that it would happen if he kept eating up to 100 pieces of fried chicken nuggets a day.

What is the one thing Bolt dislikes the most in my menu? It is broccoli. He was not a big fan of this dish, but tried to accept its presence on the menu. Broccoli is often included in Bolt’s potatoes, meat, and Jamaican dumplings.

Apparently with broccoli, Bolt had a significantly changed menu. A few years ago, you would come across a world champion avoiding green vegetables like “avoiding evil”. His heart only vibrated with all kinds of fast food. Farraell believes Bolt’s awareness of nutrition has changed. That will also add to his competitiveness on the sprint.