The victory of the American women’s football team

Recently, the world and Japanese press by which he will receive $ 5 million and the Botafogo club receive $ 7 million. This is Brazil’s largest ever contract of football.

The American women’s football team won its first victory on the road to conquer the Olympic peak. However, this is not the work of expertise but purely economic. Originally, in the previous major tournaments, the US team often won high rankings but the prize money was very low. And the American Football Federation is also used to making a negligible reward if the US team wins the upcoming Atlanta Olympic Games title and in the case of second or third, there is almost no reward.

At the same time, the monthly salary of the players is very small. This situation has angered the girls of the women’s football team and they decided to boycott the rehearsals. The top 9 female players in the United States, including the famous goalscorer. Michele Arkers, and captain Julie Foudy, showed their resolute attitude. The American Football Federation did not show any concessions but decided to follow its goals.

Women’s football in the US occupies a high position and role in women’s football in the world. The US team won the championship title in the first world tournament in China in 1991 and took third place in the second prize in Sweden. Arriving at this Atlanta Convention, playing at home, the American team had an undeniable advantage in the race to win the Olympic gold medal, against stunned opponents like Norway, defending champion. the world, with other teams like Germany, Sweden and China. But if the US team plays in Atlanta without the top 9 players, all the opportunities and advantages of the team in winning the gold medal are thrown away.


Meanwhile, Americans, both the Football League and the players and fans, want to win gold medals. This situation forced the two sides to sit at the negotiating table. During the last 3 months, the American Football Federation finally gave in to their female players. The American Football Federation has decided to hand over $ 250,000 to the team if the players win the Olympic championship. If you only win a silver medal or you will be a little less. Besides, the salary of female players is also raised to 3,000 to 4,000 USD / month depending on the professional capacity of each person.


After the American Football Federation announced its decision, the top female players in the US team returned to practice. They judged: “This is the victory of every victory for women’s football in the US from now on.” Now, the players are rushing to practice to achieve the highest goal to win the Atlanta – 96 Olympic title as the famous scorer, Michelle Arkere: “The US team is facing opportunities. big to win the championship. We had to take action to not let the medal slip from our hands. Efforts must be made to the highest level, at the same time, not to underestimate competitors”.