The revealing model of the C1 finalists must sit in jail for trying to cop the Copa America 2019

“I admit Copa America, you won. We have just been released from prison”, Kinsey Wolanski wrote on a personal page, announcing the final disruption between Brazil and Peru.

Terrible model Kinsey Wolanski dressed sexy, rushed to Wanda Metropolitano, interrupting the 2019 Champions League final – where Liverpool won 2-0 against Tottenham and won the championship.

On the personal page on July 8, after the 2019 Copa America final between Brazil and Peru ended, Kinsey Wolanski posted a disguised picture with boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, confessing that they both went through a disastrous journey at Brazil. “Flying to Brazil, disguised carefully, came to the seat but finally Vitaly’s excessive action caused us to be stopped by 20 security personnel”. This share was posted when Wolanski and his boyfriend just got out.


Earlier, on the evening of July 7, the blonde beauty shared a video of both of them in prison with a brief note: “We failed at the Copa America. Will share details tomorrow, in prison”.

Kinsey Wolanski is famous after only a few minutes of appearing on the pitch in the 2018-19 Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham in Madrid on 2 June. The model from Los Angeles surpassed the security forces, breaking into Wanda Metropolitano stadium in the 18th minute of the final. On Wolanski’s body at that time, only wearing an open-air swimsuit as much as possible.


The security officer took a few minutes to catch up with Wolanski, taking her out of the yard. Wolanski’s troublemaker brought her and her boyfriend quickly into fame. Wolanski helped his boyfriend advertise free adult content sites to fans all over the world without losing a dime. Meanwhile, Wolanski’s Instagram tracking has increased from 16,000 to 2.4 million in just one day.

Speaking to The Sun, the swimsuit model from Los Angeles, said: “When I was 30, I planned to earn enough money to retire and what happened in the Champions League final helped me get that. I plan to do more to increase the amount of interaction. It’s not easy for you to buy popularity”.