The reasons why Americans do not like football

Why do Americans not like football? This question will surely be asked by many people.

The fact that Americans don’t care about football is a long time ago. People here have their own reasons and interests. In today’s article, let’s analyze the reasons why they are not interested in this king sport.

This is an “import” sport

Americans have the ability to create many modern technology products. Inventions like the internet and airplanes all came from the United States. Therefore, they are always proud of their country and people.

Americans will also be excited about the sports they created. Meanwhile, football is a sport brought from Europe. This is also the main reason why Americans do not pay much attention to football.

America has no strong team or excellent players

The majority of people who watch football are to cheer on their favorite team or country. Or you have an excellent player you want to see them perform. Meanwhile, in the US, there is no football star. American football has not really developed, there are not many outstanding achievements worth mentioning.

Football history also records a few American teams with a little reputation. Take the typical Dallas Cowboys team. This team emerged in 1970 to 1990. But since then they have not changed much in the style of competition.

As for the national football team of America, it is a little better. Since 1990, they have never surpassed 8th in World Cup colors. This is also the reason why Americans do not like football.

Football is too much cheating

Any sport will have its own rules and regulations. Football also has rules that players need to follow. However, in a match it is inevitable cheating situations. Those bad behaviors are mainly to win the ball from the opponent. Or that is the act of covering the eyes of the referee and the fans. It is these things that make Americans unhappy.

People in this country appear to be distrustful when they see a player easily fall in pain but soon recover. They feel unhappy when witnessing such fake injuries. They want to have more strict rules as well as everyone must follow the rules absolutely. This is very hard to accomplish. And that is also why Americans do not like football.

Americans do not have attractive knees

Compared to the Germans, the American people do not have an attractive knee. Although they have tried to cover this defect for years. Because of their lack of confidence, when participating in football, the athletes will not have a good performance. Americans will choose subjects that cover the knee like rugby or baseball. In general psychology, when you will do things better if you are confident and so are Americans. Because of this reason most American athletes don’t choose football.