The only girl on the American school football team

Neveah Spillman (13 years old) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA has been playing rugby since he was 4 years old. All of the hard work at the school paid off when the girl officially joined the football team of Maple Park Middle School and held an important position, according to Yahoo Lifestyle on September 29.

The only girl on the team, Spillman was nervous from the start. However, my teammates all applauded to see me showing the excellent skill of a player playing in the center position (pitcher).

“She has very strong arms. It is not a question of whether or not the striker is female or male, it is important what you do on the football field”, said Daivion Allen, a member of the rugby team.

Spillman seemed to be very comfortable as a captain while on the pitch. “You have to take responsibility because you created the attack. You tell people where they are, what they need to do to get better results”, she describes the task.

According to Spillman, many people often think rugby is not for girls. Therefore, when listening to positive comments about her, she was motivated.

Each time the match ended, Spillman removed the helmet to shake the opponent’s hand. “Oh, that is a girl! Their center is a girl!”, Your team often reacted like that. “They were shocked. But I think they find this wonderful”, said Spillman.

In the United States, people do not love football and do not have a few commendable achievements in this field, but mentioning the traditional sport with a history of more than 100 years – “rugby”, every American is very proud. Americans are so passionate about rugby that they have invested a lot of money in building spectacular stadiums or spending a few billion dollars to host the seasons each year. Of course, this also brings a lot of money to the United States from tourism, hotels, entertainment services. The most famous tournaments in the US are the annual competitions such as “Super Bowl” in late January, the women’s football tournament of “LFL – Lingerie Football League” with hot bikini girls, College Football “College Football” or National Football League “NFL – National Football League” is taking place boiling.