The only female student in the American football team at school

Spillman played in the middle, leading the school’s male team.

American football is a popular team sport competition in the United States. American rugby is closely related to Canadian rugby but there are some differences in game rules and many other features. In the United States, some of the main forms of rugby are high school rugby, college football and professional rugby, essentially the same but different at some point in the game rules.

Neveah Spillman (13) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA has played rugby since he was 4 years old. All the hard work was rewarded when the school girl officially joined the rugby team of Maple Park middle school and held an important position, according to Yahoo Lifestyle on September 29.

Neveah Spillman dẫn dắt đội bóng toàn nam của trường. Ảnh: WDAF

As the only girl in the team, Spillman worries right from the start. However, his teammates praised him when he showed his excellent skills as a player playing in the middle position (the pitcher). “He has very strong arms. The problem is not about being female or male, it’s important that you do it on the football field”, said Daivion Allen, a football team member.

It seems that Spillman is very comfortable as a captain while on the field. “You have to be responsible because you create an attack. You tell people where they are, what they need to do to get better results”, she describes the mission. According to Spillman: “Many people think football is not for girls. Therefore, when I hear positive comments about me, I get more motivation”.

Spillman được đồng đội và đối thủ tôn trọng. Ảnh: Fox4KC

Each time the match ended, Spillman took off his helmet to shake hands with the opponent. “Oh, it’s a girl! Their loyalist is a girl!”, the opponent team often reacts like that. “They are shocked. But I think they find this very wonderful”, Spillman said.