The lessons from the American football team

Winning Thailand 13-0 in the women’s World Cup, the American player was scolded by the reporter as disrespectful to his opponent, which will not happen to men’s football.

When talking about the development of women’s football, we think of the Thailand-USA match in the last World Cup.

The match ended with a score of 13-0. In the post-match press conference, the Thai coach stammered only the words “we accept the results”, “we have to develop more”, “in football everyone wants to score, we accept” . When asked by the American journalist about the training conditions and the number of players, the coach looked even more fierce. She said the federation always created the best conditions for the team, and then added that the number of players was very little in Thailand. The reporters in the room, mostly Americans, didn’t ask any more. The Thai coach clapped her hands and bowed.

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In the opposite direction, the reporters asked the US coach and star Alex Morgan why they scored so many goals? Why celebrate jubilantly even after scoring dozens of goals? Doing so is not disrespectful opponent? Both the coach and Ms. Morgan were surprised at the scolding from the reporters. Ms. Morgan then said that this treatment only happened because they were female players.

The difference in treatment in men’s and women’s football is best illustrated by American reporters. When Germany defeated Brazil 7-1, or Portugal won Korea 7-0 at the World Cup, no one asked why the winning team did not forgive the losing team but did it dare to win so much. Everyone knows that football is a match to determine victory or defeat, not a place for mercy on each other. When American reporters asked such questions, they assumed that women should not be fierce and must love their opponents. In other words, women who behave like men are not allowed, even when they participate in sports competitions.

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The development of women’s football has only happened recently. International women’s football activities began around 1985, with the first women’s World Cup until 1991. The United States is a leader in developing women’s football. The reason is that the US has enacted the Title IX act, which says that schools should spend the same amount of money on sports for men and women. At that time, the schools competed to develop women’s football. Football needs a lot of players and a yard, only one team needs to spend money has increased, meeting the requirements of the law.