The female fan of the C1 finals revealed a plot to sabotage Copa America

Female fans who have been disturbing the Champions League final in June even intend to join their boyfriends to sabotage the Copa America final.

As we know, the C1 final between Liverpool and Tottenham happened a rare incident. A female fan named Kinsey Wolanski ran from the stands to the courtyard in a black swimsuit with the aim of promoting her boyfriend’s pornographic website.

Kinsey Wolanski, a fan of the Champions League final in June, recently revealed that she and her boyfriend had intended to do the same in the Copa America final. Despite this, the couple’s plan was not successful by the intervention of the authorities, even they were imprisoned for a few hours by Brazilian police.


She shared on the personal Instagram page on Monday: “We planned to disturb the Copa America final. We flew to Brazil, dressed in camouflage clothes, boarded the seats at the yard and all. The thing ends with 20 security personnel”. Before that, on Sunday night, the day of the final match, she shared on the Instagram story: “We failed at the Copa America. We are currently in prison, will detail tomorrow”.

The plan of Kinsey Wolanski and his partner Vitaly Zdorovetskiy when they plan to disturb the Copa America finals will continue to become famous, along with advertising for the website that Vitaly is currently working on. Talking to The Sun, Kinsey Wolanski said: “When I was 30, I planned to earn enough money to retire, and the Champions League success helped me achieve that. But I plan to do more to improve my profile. After I was released from prison, I increased from 300,000 followers on Instagram to over two million. That’s great, I can’t be happier. That is the biggest suspense in my life”.


Experts estimated that this action was worth 6.9 million euros, with Kinsey Wolanski’s Instagram account having more than 2 million followers and her boyfriend’s website surpassing 32 million signups.