The best player than Maradona’ has just died (Part 2)

If you want to come to a clear truth about El Trinche, here is a little bit of data. He is the youngest of seven siblings from Croatia. His father was a plumber. He started playing football at Rosario Central’s youth team but only played one of their official matches, under the fake name Los Andres, in 1969.

Between 1972 and 1986, he wore the “discontinuous” shirt of Central Cordoba, the team up and down Argentina’s second and third place. In 1974, he and a team of Rosario players formed a team to be the green team for Argentina, in Los Albiceleste’s World Cup preparation campaign in Germany. 

Maradona rất ái mộ El Trinche

This team has the presence of Mario Kempes, who four years later led Argentina to the world championship at home. And this team after the first 45 minutes, was unmarked by Rosario’s 3-0 players. El Trinche was so outstanding that during the break between the two halves, Vladislao Cap, the Argentina coach, begged him not to play again because it could cause his students to collapse completely.

In 1976, Cesar Luis Menotti summoned Carlovich to the Argentina team. El Trinche was not present, Menotti explained that he did not show up because he preferred going fishing. In a direct interview with Carlovich, he said he could not remember this.

In 1979, the Andes Talleres Club invited him to join a tour in the US, with a friendly against AC Milan. Later, the press reported that El Trinche dribbled the 19-year-old Milan defender named Franco Baresi crazy.

He did not attend training sessions, did not obey any orders or discipline, and did not achieve any achievements during his playing career. El Trinche explained to himself, “Why come? I have no interest other than playing football. And, above all, I do not want to leave my neighborhood, from the roof to Vasco Artola, my best friend. “I’m a lonely person. I like being quiet, that’s not evil.”

Hình ảnh El Trinche trên đường phố Argentina

He lived all his life, 74 years, in the only house where he was born, in a poor neighborhood of a working class. His door is never closed. Love of the village means neighbor and higher is the affection that envelops him. He hated interviews and hated interviewers. Simply, what journalists care about is something he never ignored.

On Wednesday, he left the house on a new bicycle, a gift from the former River Plate players association. Rosario is the most violent city in Argentina, due to the drug trade and the slavery of the slum, but El Trinche is not afraid.

Who hurt Trinche? Who could do that? One boy, according to two witnesses, hit him in the head to steal the bicycle. When he fell down, his head struck the road again. El Trinche is no longer awake. He was taken to hospital in a stroke. After emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, he stopped breathing.

Four young men were arrested on Thursday, and released shortly after, because of a crime the prosecutor described as unproven murder. Don’t rush the prosecutor or speculate that his hands are manipulated. Justice sometimes also needs human love.

Even if they are scoundrels, it would be terrifying for the children if they were put in jail for the murder of El Trinche. In that dungeon, the prisoners also respectfully respect Tomas Felipe Carlovich, a man who can reign on the high throne of the soccer world but prefer to roam his neighborhood.