The best player than Maradona’ has just died (Part 1)

The best footballer in football history or Tomas Carlovich, an anonymous Argentine legend, died yesterday.

Only tiny position for Tomas Carlovich in the history of top football. But just like what we see, that image is always small and trivial compared to what we imagine. The farthest imagination in an era of fans watching football through radio. Carlovich is the symbol for that period. That’s why, Tomas Felipe “El Trinche” Carlovic has always been praised by Argentinian football fans as the best player of all time, including Diego Maradona.

Maradona rất ái mộ El Trinche

No documentary footage, nor any statistics, Carlovich is remembered in the vast field of imagination, in the anecdotal anecdotes that are handed down on the streets of Tango country from this life to another life. The tragic death of Carlovic, when he was attacked by bandits to steal a bicycle, closed the life of a stoic, sultry and outstanding legend.

“Trinche, you’re much better than me,” Maradona said in her last meeting with Carlovich three months ago. Of course, El Trinche never believed he played football better than anyone. “Diego, you are the best thing I’ve ever seen in the world,” he replied to the supreme idol of the Argentinian football world.

That single man, born on April 19, 1946 in Rosario, plays football for joy. He art end semantics. He was not self-interested and did not expect to win or lose. In a nutshell, he is happy to play, if not happy, then rest. There is an anecdote that he played a 90-minute match with just his heel. Another legend tells that no one has a better left foot than he does.

Hình ảnh El Trinche trên đường phố Argentina

Another anecdote said that he used to dribble “double needle”, which means piercing two players’ grooves at once. And those who watched El Trinche play football praised him for dominating the world from the middle of the pitch. He is a central midfielder, still described as the sum of Redondo and Riquelme. The anecdote of course is not verifiable, even more debatable, but do not refute, because the characters in this legend have captivated Marcelo Bielsa, César Luis Menotti and Diego Maradona.