The American Football Federation has a new president after the poor performance of the national team

The US Soccer Federation (USSF) elected Carlos Cordeiro to take over as president of the organization to replace Sunil Gulati, who resigned after a national disaster in the 2018 World Cup.

Mr. Cordeiro is a former banker and the current Vice President of USSF. At the vote in Orlando on October 10.2 (local time), the 61-year-old official passed a rather large list of 8 candidates. Cordeiro received 68.6% of the votes in the third round of voting, far ahead of the next one, Kathy Carter (sports marketing director), who had 10.6% of the votes. With this result, Mr. Cordeiro will steer the ship USSF for the next 4 years.


According to AFP, Cordeiro and Mrs. Carter are both considered to be one of the brightest candidates when they are knowledgeable and could potentially change the USSF after the organization has been in crisis since the US recruit was shocked from the 2018 World Cup in Russia. “Thanks to those who supported me today. For those who do not vote for me, I will work to earn your support and trust in the next four years. I promise to work for all of you to bring us close together as a football community”, the new USSF chairman said after being elected.

Despite being appreciated, Cordeiro’s victory also surprised many when faced with famous candidates in American football. They are former players Paul Caligiuri, Kyle Martino, Eric Wynalda and former famous American goalkeeper Hope Solo … These candidates have conducted polished campaign campaigns with the promise of bringing about a development. New hope for American football after the World Cup defeat that they blame for the weak work in young training. However, none of the candidates could challenge Cordeiro when the vote began.


Mr. Cordeiro (originally a Colombian citizen, born in India and living in Miami) is always on top in all three rounds of voting. In addition to becoming Vice President of USSF in 2016, Cordeiro was an adviser to the organization 10 years ago. The official’s victory was largely due to support from many former football experts. Besides, the support that Cordeiro has in part thanks to the other candidates are all given the goal of being slightly over that is the US team won the World Cup 2026.