Semifinal Copa America 2019: A feast feelings and a dose of sleeping pills

Semifinal Copa America 2019 will be the opposite extreme. If couples Brazil – Argentina is considered the feast of emotions, a match super classic South America, where his account the most like Messi, Aguero, Coutinho, Firmino competition, the battle derby Pacific between Chile and Peru will certainly dull pragmatism.

Brazil and Argentina played against each other for over 100 years and has reached the 12 World Cup finals, while 7 times won the Golden Cup. This two teams have produced three players worthy of the name GOAT – The greatest player of all time, but no one dared doubt as Pele, Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi.

They also bring a wealth of social contract, which shows the influence of football for the national sentiment of each country. They are Fire and Water, is Art and pragmatic, the Yin and Yang in correlation with each other. 105 times in the previous meeting, Brazil had 41 wins, Argentina equally with 38 games to defeat enemy and tie the two sides 26 times. If you ignore the friendly match, the Argentine was leading 18-17.


No much kindness in honor super classic South America, typically take the match was a crowd rushed into the yard brawl in 1925, or match the Selecao blatantly abandon the match midway in 1927, and then turn Argentina discarded shelves Brazil’s 11m free kick into the empty net; from incidents police came to disperse the ball away for two teams move to kick people in 1946 to “Battle of Rosario” in 1978; from brutal tackles led to red cards in Word Cup 1982 Maradona; from left foot shot sublime pass Maradona until the fifth player in the game and chased the South American super classic.

In the fight tomorrow, a lot of players of both teams are the same allies in Europe. Barcelona Messi capped with Philippe Coutinho and Arthur; Gabriel Jesus was teammates Nicolás Otamendi and Sergio Aguero at Manchester City. Leandro Paredes and Ángel Di María share dressing room with Marquinhos, Dani Alves and Thiago Silva at PSG.


Globalization and commercialization of Brazil and Argentina that the people share the same color shirt. But here’s Copa America, where every player must fight for the honor of his country. Brazil’s desire to win, because they are still haunted by the disaster at 1-7 before Germany Tel 2014 World Cup, where Argentina reached the final with a smirk smile. Just a pity that they are not crowned in the country’s enemies. But now, Messi can do it again, as long as the beat Brazil in the semifinals.

Both Brazil and Argentina are the problem. Brazil is the absence of Neymar, the biggest star. With Argentina, the main problem is Lionel Messi, who kept everyone steps on the national team is to become a low-quality version. Even in this tournament, he is disappointed and objectives of boos.


DT Argentina itself is a very volatile group. Coach Lionel Scaloni is only caretaker and is likely to leave after the tournament ends. A failure of Argentina will make Scaloni beast off hoping to extend the contract.

Scaloni also syndrome “Messi dependence” as predecessors. However, due to a bad game Messi, he is forced to adjust the large system and personnel using the 4-3-1-2 scheme with Rodrigo De Paul in midfield, Messi at the top and the top is Lautaro Martinez – Aguero. Hope everything will be good for both Messi and Scaloni.


Meanwhile, couples Chile – Peru will inherently unpredictable thing, except one thing that we can see clearly a negative ball, closely will be applied to ensure that advantage. Both aspire to enter the finals. Chile has two-time champion in the nearest 3 tournament. 2015, they host the Copa America, in 2016, the tournament was held outside of South America, in the United States.

8 players have to play in the match Chile beat Colombia in the quarter-finals were over 30 years old and one who will step into the age of hash in November to Edu Vargas. So Chile will look strong gameplay, crowding to beat opponents in a convincing way.


Chile is Peru’s opponent was weak, only reached the semi-finals thanks to 1 victory (Bolivia 3-1 win in the first round), then defeated Brazil 5-0. VAR declined 3 goals by Uruguay in the quarter-finals, only to go through Peru in shootout wins 11m. They can still apply it before the champions play Chile.