Packers in Trouble As Aaron Rodgers Is Unable To Practice

Wednesday was the fifth day where Aaron Rodgers, the legendary quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, missed practice after he sprained his knee while playing against the Bears on 9 September 2018. It might not be a big deal to fans, but when the best quarterback in the National Football League isn’t available for practice before a big game, you can’t help but wonder if it will have an effect on the performance of the offense this weekend.

Mike McCarthy Believes It Affects The Entire Team

Mike McCarthy, the head coach for the Green Bay Packers, believes that the absence of Aaron Rodgers during this week’s practice affects the performance of the entire team. “He is certainly the guy that stirs the drink during practice,” McCarthy explained. “He is extremely competitive. There’s no denying that the quarterback position is a key ingredient to practising plays before a big game. You simply can’t grow without the quarterback being present.”

When its time to practice, Rodgers certainly values the work needed to excel. He uses the time to get his timing right with receivers, the offensive line, and the running backs, and gets the opportunity to see how specific plays will play out and what adjustments need to be made before the weekend. Unfortunately, Rodgers is not getting the opportunity this week which is vitally important.

The Green Bay Packers usually have a recovery day on Fridays, while Saturdays are scheduled for finalizing their game plan. However, the last two weeks have seen Rodgers spend most of his time rehabbing his injured knee followed by practice on Saturdays. He might not be able to participate in the game on Sunday if he didn’t do it this way.

Aaron Rodgers On His Current Injury

“I absolutely love to compete,” said Rodgers. “There’s simply no denying it. It’s different and difficult for me not to be around. I love being out there in practice as you not just competing against yourself but you also get the opportunity to work with the team, especially when it comes to planning for the game ahead. This is undoubtedly a huge struggle for me at the moment.”

McCarthy will need to get more out of his backups in practice which includes Tim Boyle and DeShone Kizer. Obviously, neither of them can fill the shoes of Rodgers, but they need to practice to get a sense of how things will be without their star quarterback throwing the necessary passes.

“I mean, the team needs to get it, ”McCarthy explained. “We certainly had it while Brett Favre was playing and we still have it with Rodgers, and the young stars is an excellent example. So, once DeShone is there along with Tim, the culture, competition level, and the voice in the hurdle is crucial as the man will have the ball on every single play.”

Let’s see how everything unfolds as the Green Bay Packers take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, the lack of practice from Aaron Rodgers won’t have a major impact on the scoreboard.