MU Sublimated Waiting For “Burying” PSG Without Neymar – Cavani

Round 1/8 of the Champions League 2018/19 will begin with the highly anticipated match between MU and PSG. The French team is constantly losing ground because of injury, can they stand on Old Trafford?

The Champions League 2018/19 will officially start again this week with four matches taking place on February 13 and 14, the Focus on Tuesday night is the confrontation between Manchester United and PSG on Old Stadium. Trafford while Tottenham – Dortmund are attractive matches on the remaining day.

When the draw for the 1/8 round of the Champions League ended, all fans of MU were worried when the pet team had to confront the French giant, PSG. At that time, even the most optimistic people did not dare to think of a good result for the Old Trafford team.

Trước vòng 1/8 Cúp C1: MU thăng hoa chờ "vùi dập" PSG không Neymar - Cavani - 1

However, things changed dramatically only after 2 months of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came to power. MU “makeover” and return to a formidable force in the Premier League. “Red Devils” has cleared the 12-point gap with the Top 4 and now ranks above both Chelsea and Arsenal.

MU is still “lucky” when rival PSG is losing a double loss. After Neymar recurred a foot injury and was definitely absent, coach Thomas Tuchel continued to receive more injuries from Cavani. Meanwhile, Verratti is also racing with time to recover. Perhaps the trip to PSG’s Old Trafford will be a “storm” trip.

In the remaining match on 12/2, Roma will welcome Porto at home. Portugal’s club is an uncomfortable opponent, but the Olympico is always “dangerous” with the guests’ teams here.

Trước vòng 1/8 Cúp C1: MU thăng hoa chờ "vùi dập" PSG không Neymar - Cavani - 2

On the remaining day of the match, the focus will be on the match between Tottenham and Dortmund. Germany’s Ruhr team is leading La Liga’s head while “Rooster” is flying high on Son Hueng Min’s wings. Unfortunately, the two stars on the front lines of Kane and Reus are likely to be absent due to injuries.

However, this promises to be an attractive match when both teams follow the school of attack. Tottenham and Dortmund are all having their own problems but the game will not be affected. Most likely, the audience at Wembley Stadium will see a spectacular chase.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho MU thăng hoa chờ "vùi dập" PSG không Neymar - Cavani

Meanwhile, Real Madrid will have a trip to Ajax. The Dutch team is underestimated compared to the opponent but has a home advantage. However, according to the Dutch newspaper, the key midfielder Frenkie De Jong is likely to be absent due to injury. Therefore, Ajax may have to rely much on the ability of young talent, Kasper Dolberg.

Solari teachers and students’ advantages are clear and the only thing “white vultures” need to do in this match is just themselves. Real Madrid’s form is also gradually stabilizing over time. Most recently, they won the Madrid derby in La Liga and held a draw at Barca at the Nou Camp in the King’s Cup.