Messi received the Copa America bluff: the penalty was surprising

Lionel Messi once received a penalty from CONMEBOL for comment criticizing the organization at Copa America.

The South American Football Federation (CONMEBOL) issued a penalty against Lionel Messi after he criticized the organization in the Copa America. Messi accused the organization of corrupt behavior, arranged for Brazil to win the tournament and deliberately obstructed him and Argentina.

Messi criticized the referee after the Brazil – Argentina semi-final, a match in which Argentina lost 0-2, before upgrading criticism to CONMEBOL after he was shown a red card in the first half of the match for the third prize against Chile. According to CONMEBOL’s law, Messi can receive a very heavy penalty of up to 2 years of international ban.

But according to the official announcement of this organization, Messi only had to receive a fine of $ 1,500 with a one-game suspension, which is just a suspension for the red card. So in fact, Messi only had to pay a fine of 35 million dong for his comment.

After being shown a red card against Chile, Messi refused to appear in the bronze medal ceremony for Argentina. “Without a doubt, it’s all settled for Brazil,” he said. I hope the VAR and the referee have no direct influence on the final so that Peru can play fair against Brazil, but that seems difficult for me.

“I don’t want to be part of this corruption, we shouldn’t be part of the disrespect that CONMEBOL has shown in Copa America. We were able to go deeper but were not allowed in the final. Corruption, the referee and all other problems keep people from enjoying football”.

At Copa America 2019, when the referee refused to use VAR in two situations that could lead to penalties for Argentina, Messi accused a negative force of arranging for Brazil to take the throne. The Argentina captain continued to talk hard about the organization and refused to receive the bronze medal, after being given a red card directly by the referee in the match against Chile.