Major League Soccer – Where Legends Elderly Care?

David Beckham is not the first hit name in the world of football into retirement in Major League Soccer (MLS). However, his appearance at the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, has made MLS there is a huge change.

New York City is the club owns many famous football players of the world, with 3 people: David Villa, Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo. That’s not to mention the coach also served as a resounding name: Patrick Vieira.

Unlike many other clubs in MLS, to center in 2014, the Club of New York City recently joined the game “hunting” famous players. But, they just found out Force is led opponents know hat only admire. In June 2015, New York eloquent noticed, the first time they have the player icon and his name is David Villa. Villa striker best Spaniard in the last decade. He won all the laurels that a footballer can.

Coming to MLS, Villa adaptation very quickly, he scored 18 goals, was New York City voted the most outstanding player of the 2015 season. The former Barcelona player is currently the captain of the team. Each year, the Villa was paid 5.6 million dollars.

In July 2014, Frank Lampard went to Yankee Stadium. Although he was charged a higher wage Villa the 0.4 million, but without the contribution by the captain. In a recent interview, the American football legend Landon Donovan has said that, both Lampard and Steven Gerrard is adamant to adapt because they underestimated the expertise of MLS.

Andrea Pirlo, the Contemporary Legend of Italian football is the last icon player joined New York City in July 2015. Although the Panel’s achievement is more impressive than Lampard and Pirlo also not older, but don’t know why he only gets 2 million a season.

Other than expected, despite the services of 3 big names of world football, but New York City is just the season with eighth position in the eastern sector, have no qualifying play-off conflict for the MLS Championship. The next season, if want to see Lampard and Pirlo master zone median, for Villa to score, then please see the MLS!