How strong was the first-term Mourinho squad?

Chelsea for the first time (2004-2007) was Jose Mourinho’s opponent very difficult to beat. Under the guidance of Mourinho and the money poured into boss Roman Abramovich, the Blues have won a lot of success.

The backbone of his first-generation team with Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba helped Chelsea win numerous trophies. That quartet is also perhaps the best four in their place over the past decade in the Premier League, and Mourinho is the chief architect of success.

In defense, the appearance of Cech with a simple ball-catcher and a series of excellent saves is always a solid fulcrum for teammates. But to be able to reach Cech’s goal, each club needs to overcome the quartet Paulo Ferreira – William Carvalho – John Terry – Ashley Cole. Meanwhile, three players in midfield including Claude Makelele – Frank Lampard – Michael Essien have both the ability to recover the ball, control the ball and support the impressive attack.

In attack, the trio of Robben – Drogba – Duff used to be the obsession of every Premier League defense. The trio had only two seasons together but quickly helped Chelsea dominate England from 2004 to 2006. The Blues trio has only 27 appearances together, won 25 wins and scored 61 table (ratio 2.25 goals / game). They both won 2 Premier League and 1 League Cup.

With a great achievement when helping Porto to win the Champions League 2003/04, Mourinho became the most sought-after coach in Europe. Finally, Mourinho chose to go to Chelsea, the team that emerged with a strong financial potential supported by Roman Abramovich’s bottomless pocket.

Chelsea’s quality team under Mourinho’s leadership dominated England in the early stage of “Special One” at Stamford Bridge (from June 2, 2004 to September 20, 2007). For more than three years, Mourinho helped Chelsea win the Premier League twice, the FA Cup once and the British League Cup twice. But the title in Europe eluded Mourinho. He was sacked in September 2007. That season, Chelsea reached the Champions League final under Avram Grant.

 At that time, Mourinho brought the nucleus with him that made success with Porto defender pair Ricardo Carvalho, Paulo Ferreira and the effect was immediate. In the history of the Premier League, there is no defense more secure than the Chelsea defense line in the first stage when coach Jose Mourinho arrived at Stamford Bridge. The Blues lost only 15 goals and won the Premier League with 95 points, a record of this tournament.