Highlights after the match Juventus 0-3 Fiorentina

Rated to outperform the opponent in all aspects, but Juventus had a memorable day.

Disaster day of two wing defenders

Juventus would not have received such a bitter defeat if the two names played on two sides where the defense did not play too badly. The first is Juan Cuadrado. It is no exaggeration to say that the Colombian player took the biggest responsibility for the team’s defeat. The situation of his dangerous ball with Gaetano Castrovilli in the 17th minute left Lao Ba lost in the next time and quickly broke the game.

On the opposite wing, Cuadrado, Alex Sandro, also had a memorable day when he scored a goal in the 76th minute, and there were plenty of balls to overcome.

Ribery’s level

During the day against Cristiano Ronaldo, Frank Ribery showed that he was not … old and still valued. The 37-year-old midfielder constantly torments the defending champion’s defense with his technique and the ability to move uncomfortably. He was also the one who made the turning point with a pass that allowed Vlahovic to drop the score for Fiorentina in the 3rd minute. Ribery was also voted the best player in this match.

Ronaldo was silent

Contrary to Ribery, Cristiano Ronaldo had a completely lackluster game. CR7 is the name with the most shots in the total number of players present on the field with 6 kick-off situations, but only 1 of them hits the target. In fact, CR7 does not show all of its own value because Juve fell into the scene of losing people too early and was forced to change the game of defense instead of attack.

The unbeaten series of the champions officially stopped

Before entering the Fiorentina encounter, Juventus and AC Milan are two teams that have not tasted defeat in Serie A 2020/2021. However, the 90-minute disaster at Allianz’s home field last night officially cut off that impressive series and also a warning to coach Pirlo and coaches for the upcoming difficult period.