Enjoy football with the Americans style

Browse the FIFA home page, it turns out, Americans fans are the ones who buy the most tickets without counting the host country.

Nearly three million tickets to the 2014 World Cup were sold, including 1.6 million tickets sold in Brazil, and nearly two hundred thousand sold to Americans fans. Argentina is third but less than a third of the tickets the US fans bought.

Burning tickets, burning airplanes, will Americans still be truly passionate about football after so many attempts to build the world’s king sport with a proportionate stature become unsuccessful? Or do Americans really believe in their chances when the US team is on the same table as Ghana, Portugal and Germany? The answer here is relatively complicated, or at least takes a bit of time.


President Obama himself is extremely passionate about sports, but he never looks at football. Mr. Obama once removed the tennis court net to build the White House basketball court, and it felt like he was ready to go anywhere as long as there was a golf course. The acquaintances in the White House said they were busy preparing for a trip to Brazil during the World Cup but Vice President Biden was the leader. Biden plans to watch a match between the US and one of the remaining three teams of the group considered to be death when both Ghana, Portugal and especially Germany. 

At FedexField (state of Maryland), the Spanish national team with El Salvador still has about 3,500 spectators coming to see it live, but mostly El Salvador in the United States. And kicking off the Spanish match – El Salvador was the match between DC United and Colombus Crew. By the second match, the stands were quite empty.


So even though the World Cup is so hot, the MLS National Championship is still going on normally. This is probably unique among the 32 teams present at this World Cup. But MLS has the basis to do so because most of the US pillars play abroad (except for striker Clint Dempsey, Besler midfielder …), and the stands without the World Cup are also no one here.

It seems that going to Brazil with the American standard of living is much more than the World Cup.