Dramatic battle of American girls on the football field

Although the athletes in the Legends Football League are only amateur people but the girls also brought many equally fascinating battles like males.

A spectator after watching the match between the Denver Dream Team and the Seattle Mist at the ShoWare Center stadium in Washington on April 20, 2017 has commented: “These girls did not just run around on the field, they knew how to play, moved quickly, the impact to scramble the ball really fierce”.


America football has always been known for fierce competition and somewhat crude. If in the male battle, the viewers regularly caught images of the players upper legs to resolve tension, then in LFL tournament this scene is never rare. The beautiful female athletes rush in each other to fight also the familiar scene to fans.

In 2017, in Football League Championship in Eastern States has occurred a very funny incident in the match between two teams Jacksonville Breeze and Atlanta Steam. The cause was due to the over upset about the rough in the scramble for the ball of the opponent, a player in the team Jacksonville Breeze always unwrapped and throw straight for the Atlanta Steam team.


And so that from the player to the coaching staff from both teams were chasing each other to fight, created a chaos on the football field. While the fight happening, a coach of Atlanta Steam had to suffer a punch front from a male player of Jacksonville team.

Also in the year 2017, at the Legends Football League, during the match between Pittsburgh Rebellion and Oamha Heart, a tussle had happened in the last minutes of the match. The stress because being preceded with very narrow score 21-20 led Amanda Hogan (team OamahaHeart) did not restrain the exasperation. Then he had a punch to the face of Sonia Osselborn (Pittsburgh Rebellion) when she expressed dissatisfaction. Then, the other athletes in both teams rushed in the fight, creating a chaotic scene.


Until now, though has passed over more than 10 seasons but Legend Football League still caused controversy in public opinion. The scene the girl rush in each other to scramble for ball, abusing together, cursing the arbitrator or even for the purpose of attracting customers. Many battles also occurred the scenes dragging to tear pants or taking off dress wire have caused many opposite reactions.

Many people said that the matches in the Football League Legend are not different a sexy entertainment, trivial and vulgar, belittled women, turn them into an amusement neither more nor less. Meanwhile, the fans, mostly the he-man, very support and interested in.