Do You Know About The American Football Playing Rules?

American football is a very popular sport type. However, in the US, this sport has slightly different rules of the game as well as have some specific characteristics. Let’s join us to find out something about American football play rules!

Although each cap only has 11 participants such as football, however the number of players in the American football match in a team is usually up to 40-50 people divided by mission: attacking team, defensive team and mixed team.

In each match usually has from 4 to 7 arbitration. Arbitration in this kind of sport also known as witty as “zebras” by their stripes zebra costume.


Every match has 4 round lasting 60 minutes is agreement. Bur if including the death time, a match will typically last up to 180 minutes.

The main task of this division is taking balls to the enemy’s zone (end-zone). The attacking team will have 4 times down ball to score or gain control of the ball. If in the next four times they failed to score or not down 10 yards then will lose the right to strike and must bounce the ball to the opponents. At this time, the role of each team will change: from attack to defense, from defense to attack.


When the attacking team put the ball to be the banned they will score 6 points. And will be added 1 point if kicking on the column goal, add 2 points if hugging the ball veered into the region. Or just in the fourth turn, kicking the ball into the goal will get 3 points. For the defensive team: they will be charged 2 points if creature falls people are embracing the enemy team’s balls right in their zone.


Like a fighting battle, one side will work into occupied land, another side have to try to keep. So that America football is considered as one of most intense sports with the constantly occurring the strong impact. When the players tournament appearances are always stocked and armor protection but still do not get out of the serious injury that lasted even after the match as broken hips, broken ankles, knees,… or at least drug.