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Do You Know About The American Football Playing Rules?

American football is a very popular sport type. However, in the US, this sport has slightly different rules of the game as well as have some specific characteristics. Let’s join us to find out something about American football play rules! Although each cap only has 11 participants such as football, …

Battle Of The Girls On The Football Field

Although the athletes in the Legends Football League are only amateur people but the girls also brought many equally fascinating battles like males. A spectator after watching the match between the Denver Dream Team and the Seattle Mist at the ShoWare Center stadium in Washington on April 20, 2017 has …

Packers in Trouble As Aaron Rodgers Is Unable To Practice

Wednesday was the fifth day where Aaron Rodgers, the legendary quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, missed practice after he sprained his knee while playing against the Bears on 9 September 2018. It might not be a big deal to fans, but when the best quarterback in the National Football …

Johnny Jolly Outside the Lines

Johnny Jolly interview shot a few years ago as Packers were preparing to defend their Super Bowl XLV title. Says he was paying $600 – $800 each day on Codeine to feed his addiction.