August 06 Green Bay Packers Practice

Getting a little bit of a late start with today’s post.  I spent a good portion of the afternoon watching, reading and trying to get a good read on where we are today.

The biggest impression I got from yesterdays practice notes, news and comments is that the O line, without Jeff Saturday, drops off significantly.

The second most talked about happening at last nights practice was Nick Perry just eating up Brian Bulaga.  Perry had been 0-6 against Bulaga in the one-on-one drills.  Larry McCarren is just bubbling about it in his daily video update.  It’s at the 1:18 mark of the video.

This much we know tonight so far; Greg Jennings and Marshall Newhouse each received concussions at the Family Night practice and both appear to be out again tonight.

#13 Dale Moss WR, #23 Du’ane Bennett RB, #35 John Hoese FB, #40 Nick Cooper FB, #45 Eric Lair TE, #58 Frank Zombo LB, #65 Mike McCabe T, #68 Jaymes Brooks G, #73 Ray Dominguez G, #74 Marshall Newhouse T, #78 Derek Sherrod T, #81 Andrew Quarless TE, #82 Ryan Taylor TE, #84 DJ Williams TE, #86 Tori Gurley all appear out for tonight

#59 Brad Jones, LB is back.

According to Mike Vandermause stands are full once again at Nitschke Field, plus more standing. Attendance estimate: 2000.

It’s being reported that just minutes ago Sam Shields has been taken inside. to the locker room Looks like left shoulder injury.