American women’s team sues Football League for gender discrimination

The 28 members of the American football team who won the world championship have decided to sue the Football Association of this country because of unfairness, gender discrimination and lack of interest, facilitating working for female players.

The lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles court in mid-February, only three months ago when the team started defending the World Cup Women’s Championship title in the 2019 summer tournament in France. In the file and a court statement, 28 players described that gender discrimination was institutionalized and existed for many years.

According to female players, discrimination not only affects their salaries, but also negatively affects both where they practice, the frequency of training, how to train, as well as medical treatment sacrifices, assigning coaches and means to transport players to the competition venue …


Among the female players involved in the lawsuit were the top female soccer stars such as Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd and some of the most successful and most famous female athletes in the world.

In recent years, many athletes in other sports, including athletes winning gold medal are all trying hard to regain the women in the industry with work incentives like the male athletes.

In the latest proposal on March 9, female American football players demanded public disclosure of conditions in fostering and supporting work. The female players also demand to play a lot in tournaments like male players and because they win more, they cannot receive less money from the League.


It is known that for decades, the American Football Federation has always led the world in supporting women’s football. The investment in time, money and effort has helped the US 3 times to win the World Women’s Football Championship, 4 times to receive the Olympic gold medal for women’s football …

But during that time, the generations of American women’s football team players complained that the financial support and logistics infrastructure of the federation was lagging far behind the team. recruit men with lower achievements. Even female American football players boycotted an Australian tournament in January 2000, just a few months after winning the World Cup, because they were not treated well.


The controversy between the women’s team and the American Football League has recently broken out when a women’s team sent petitions to US and FIFA authorities, complaining about everything, from artificial turf to payments. World Cup bonus payment … Thanks to that, FIFA decided to double the prize money for the Final Round

The respect that American female players have also spread: Spain’s women’s football national team is demanding their coaches practice better, while some of the outstanding members of The Brazilian women’s football team left the team to protest against a famous female coach supporting men.