American team refused to go to the White House at the invitation of the President

Star striker Megan Rapinoe said she and her team-mates of the United States have just won the 2019 women’s soccer World Cup will not visit the White House at the invitation of President Donald Trump.

“I won’t go and every teammate I’ve talked to clearly about won’t go”, Rapinoe told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360”. “I think no one on the team wants to receive interest in what we have worked hard to build and on the things we struggle for in our lives from the government’s scandal management”, the 34-year-old captain of American women’s team emphasized.


Rapinoe – one of many gay players on the team, has been aiming for Mr. Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again”, saying that the president is looking back for a while. “not good for everyone” score. “I would say that the slogan (of President Trump) is excluding people. You are excluding me. You are eliminating people who look like me. You are eliminating people of color”, Rapinoe replied when asked what message she had sent to Mr. Trump.

Rapinoe has won the best player award and the “top scorer” in the 2019 Women’s World Cup, adding: “I think you are coming back to an era that is not great for everyone. It might be great for some people and maybe America is great for some right now, but it’s not great for all Americans in this era”.

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The United States defeated the Netherlands 2-0 in this year’s Women’s World Cup final last weekend in Lyon (France) thanks to the goals of Rapinoe (penalty 11m) and Rose Lavelle. Before the tournament, Rapinoe had attracted the attention of the US public with the statement that he would not go to the White House if crowned. Shortly thereafter, President Trump responded on Twitter: “Megan Rapinoe should not disregard our country, the White House or the national flag, especially because a lot of work has been done for her and the team”.

The reaction of the American girls, especially Rapinoe, continues to become a sensation. Traditionally, American sports teams will be honored by invitation to the White House. Earlier, President Trump once wanted to revoke the invitation after members of several teams criticized him. Among the sports teams that rejected the offer were the Golden State Warriors basketball team and the Philadelphia Eagles rugby team.