American football and the popularity of the world

Instead of soccer popular in countries, in the US, American football (rugby) is more popular.

 American football is played by two teams (10 members per team), with the power to attack and defend. The player passes the ball manually, placing the ball into the back of the opponent’s cross line. This sport seems very interesting but no less dramatic. 

Basic American Football Rules |

History of American football formation

This sport is played a lot in the US, so it can be said that it comes from the US. It later spread to England, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. Today the sport has improved a number of new rules to be timely, and ensure the safety of players.

Rules of American football

The players of each team take turns to attack and defend. And on the football field there will be drawing levels. If the offensive team is able to bring the ball to the next level then put the landmark of the next round there (the person who brings the ball down is to start a new round). Take it slowly and approach the goal line or the crossline of the defending side.

If the team is attacking without scoring, the right to attack will be returned to the opposing team. Each team scores 6 points when the player of that team places the ball behind the opposing line. After that, the team can earn extra points by kicking the ball over the goal.

How the UK has embraced American football

In addition, the defensive team may also be awarded 2 points if they successfully block a player who is carrying the ball (by pressing them down) in front of the end of the court (end zone is the field in front of the horizontal line scoring the score).

The most important element of this game is speed and muscle. Players must be as fast as possible, avoiding the defense to place the ball. Therefore, touch phase and injury during play are unavoidable.